Syngonium Arrow Head


Syngonium ?Arrowhead? ? Butterfly Plant, Goosefoot Plant or Arrow head plant is a fast growing Syngonium with white centers on green leaves. Syngonium ?Arrow Head? ? Butterfly Plant is a hybrid created for it?s bright foliage colors and ease of growth. Syngoniums are also known as arrowhead plant, arrowhead vine, or arrowhead philodendron. Syngonium will grow to approximately 12? in height, and makes a good background plant.

These plants do well in low-to-medium light settings and thrive in bright, indirect light. They do not like exposure to direct sunlight. The soil should be kept lightly moist during spring and summer and slightly drier during the fall and winter months. Don?t let it become completely dry. The plant is undemanding when it comes to watering, but does prefer high humidity, so it?s a good idea to place container plants on a bed of wet pebbles. Mist hanging baskets frequently. Water moderately throughout the growing season and reduce watering during cooler months. As a semi-tropical plant, this vine prefers warm, humid conditions. Try not to allow the temperature to drop below 60 degrees Fahrenheit. Use a rich potting mix that offers superior draining and aerating capabilities. Use a balanced liquid houseplant food on a regular basis during the spring and summer.


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Syngonium Arrow Head
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