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Pomegranates are considered a ?superfood? due to the high antioxidant content of their juice. Pomegranate juice is increasing in popularity for this reason, and leading to more availability of the juice and fruit in supermarkets. However with the high price of pomegranates, planting your own Wonderful Pomegranate Tree will save you a ton of money each year to stay healthy.

Pomegranate Trees For Sale

A pomegranate tree can make for a perfect addition to your garden. It?s not only great looking, but its fruit is delicious and looks wonderful against dark green leaves! The pomegranate tree is a marvel of nature that provides delicious fruit and beautiful, lush greenery, growing to 2-3 m tall. The juicy red spheres make an excellent addition if you?re looking to spruce up those dull grassy areas in front gardens from summer heat waves.

If you are looking to plant a tree that is beautiful and tasty, then look no further than pomegranate trees! These trees are very easy to grow even for those who have little gardening experience. They are also drought tolerant once they become established which means they would not require much water or care. Pomegranates can be eaten raw, juiced or made into jams or jellies.

The pomegranate is a delicious fruit that has been cultivated for more than 2000 years. The health benefits of the pomegranate fruit are amazing and it is considered a superfood for its antioxidant properties.

The pomegranate tree can be grown in all climates, but it prefers dry, sandy soil and hot regions. Many gardeners are interested in planting this beautiful plant to add colour and interest to their garden or home landscape. Some even grow them as houseplants, but bear in mind they need lots of sun for best fruit production.

Get a prolific harvest of pomegranates from your own garden with the Wonderful Pomegranate Tree. This fast-growing tree produces huge, abundant harvests and is drought tolerant so you won?t have to water it as much during long South African droughts.

Shallow root systems make them great for planting next to your fence or wall.

  • Easy to Grow
  • Drought tolerant so can withstand hot, dry areas or missed watering
  • Great for adding colour to your garden
  • Long harvest period
  • Amazing health benefits from eating pomegranates
  • Save money by growing your own
  • Can live up to 100 years and produce into old age!

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Pomegranate Tree
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