Mandevilla laxa is a twining vine that originates from Argentina and South America.

It can grow to 5 metres with a spread of 5 metres and is evergreen. The pure white flowers are around 50mm in diameter, trumpet shaped and delicately fragrant.
The Chilean Jasmine prefers full sun or part sun in a frost free position. It likes to be dryer in between watering and over the winter period.
It is good pot specimen and grows well on a trellis, on a pergola or a pole. It should be pruned to keep shaped or to reduce over vigorous stems. Water more frequently in warmer months while growth is vigorous.

What is the plant

Mandevilla laxa, commonly known as Chilean jasmine, is an ornamental plant in the genus Mandevilla of family Apocynaceae. It grows as a vine and is deciduous in cool climates. It can grow to 6 meters tall.

Strongly fragrant and vigorous, Mandevilla laxa (Chilean Jasmine) is a semi-evergreen, woody, twining climber with sprays of 3-15 large, creamy-white, funnel-shaped flowers, up to 3 in. across (8 cm), with broad petal lobes. The blossoms release a sweet vanilla fragrance that is most pronounced in the evening. Masses of heavily scented white flowers are produced in the summer. As it is not fully hardy and does not survive being frozen, in temperate zones it must be grown with the protection of glass, in an unheated greenhouse or conservatory with full sunlight.


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