Why grow bromeliads?

  • They?re easy to grow
  • Low maintenance
  • Add year-round foliage colour
  • Broms will grow where other plants won?t e.g. in heavy shade, dry or skeletal soils, attached to trees.
  • Stunning flowers
  • Thousands of different varieties

Elegant, exotic and highly collectable

Bromeliads, or ?Broms? as they are sometimes called, are part of a huge plant family with over 3000 species. Originating mostly from The Americas, Bromeliads grow in a diverse range of climatic conditions. From the canopy of the rainforest to the harshest of deserts, there is truly a brom for every garden.


The pinnacle of tropical gardening

No tropical or Balinese style garden is complete without bromeliads. They are the perfect understory plant for beneath palms and other trees where the soil is often dry. You can also grow bromeliads as epiphytes, attached to trees or branches.



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